Due to the popularity of our Sensory Mesh Swing, they may sell out! As of today, we do have a limited supply of Sensory Mesh Swings IN STOCK and ready to ship within the next 24 hours.
The Best Therapy Swing For Calm, Happy Kids...
If you don't love your swing, send it back within 30 days and we'll send you a complete refund.
Invest in your child's favorite swing once... and never buy it again! If it wears or breaks, it will be replaced!
Prevent And Calm Up To 10x More Meltdowns With Just 10 MINUTES Of Swinging A Day!
Does your child have trouble focusing, tons of energy, or difficulty transitioning between different places?

Compulsion, self harming, meltdowns, or anger streaks?

Then this one's for you!

This Sensory Mesh Swing is perfect for both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding kids. Just 5 minutes of spinning can calm an energetic sensory seeker for up to 4 hours! Sensory avoiders can gently rock back-and-forth to instantly relax and melt away anxiety.

Use this swing in your child's bedtime routine to help them unwind at the end of the day, for consistent sleep through the night (no more waking up every few hours).  

Use before going to places with lots of sensory stimulation. Spin or swing for 5 to 10 minutes. Your child will stay calm in places and situations you never thought possible! 

Simply set up the swing at home (indoors or outdoors) start swinging, and watch how your child's entire mood changes. It's that simple!
Product Description
"As a school based Occupational Therapist AND a mom of a child with an autism diagnosis, I want to say THANK YOU for making an affordable swing that can be used just about anywhere!! I ordered 2... one for home and one for my clinic at Woods Road Child Development Center in Florence, SC." - Michelle Lewis, OTR/L
*Each Swing Includes 2 Heavy Duty Hanging Ropes & Video Setup Instructions* 
Price: $29.95 & FREE Standard Shipping in the USA
  • Helps With Everyday Sensory Challenges 
  • Trusted and Used by Top Occupational Therapists Nationwide
  • Heavy Duty: Use it Laying, Sitting, or Even Standing!
  • Holds up to 220 lbs and perfect for all ages, from your preschool kiddo to your teenager or young adult
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to set up
Easy Returns:
  • 30-day money-back guarantee! (If you don't like it, return it!)
  • Damaged or defective items on arrival will be replaced free of charge (photo required).
 Lifetime Warranty:
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY (if it wears or breaks, Sensory Scout will replace it with a new one!! Just send us a photo, and we'll take care of the replacement process for you!
Sensory Mesh Swing FAQs
Just a few questions we often get asked!
How safe are they to hang in the doorway or ceiling?
 How do you hang these up in the house or outside. Do you need anything special for them?
What is your suggestion if a child has sensory issues but is afraid of swinging?
 How is this different than a regular swing or hammock?
Can the swings be used indoors and outdoors?
Can kids get tangled in it?
What People Are Saying!
 Laugh and have fun on the swing
"It is such a joy to watch my visually impaired grandson, laugh and have fun on the swing. We bought another one to put outside. " - Nancy S. 
Your swing has put the biggest smile on her little face
"Thank you for your fantastic product. Our 5 year old Eve has ASD and SPD. She is a sensory seeker and your swing has put the biggest smile on her little face. We set it up inside tonight and Eve has settled beautifully for bedtime tonight after 20 minutes of swing time. Usually bed time is a huge frustrating task that requires a lot of encouragement and negotiating. Highly recommend this product and look forward to seeing more smiles on my little ones face. Thank you!
" - Kelli O.
We put him in the swing for 20 minutes and he sleeps now until about 8 in the morning
"This swing is really a god-sent my child suffers from autism and this wing is the best swing that we could have ever gotten him he gets overwhelmed really easy and I put them in the swing for about 15 minutes and he is completely calm. Even now we had a lot of trouble with his sleeping and we put him in the swing for 20 minutes and he sleeps now until about 8 in the morning before the swing he was only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day it helps for naps for sleep at night and also for calming them down when they are too overwhelmed I would recommend this to anybody that has a child suffering from autism or sensory problems even children that cannot communicate this is the best swing that you can get them my family thanks whoever came up with this idea and it's not only helpful for the parents but it's helpful to the to the children who suffer with autism and that's why I'm happy to recommend this wing to anybody thank!!!! " - Racheal M.
She swings and sings on it all the time
"We got our daughter a swing a few months ago and hung it right smack in the middle of our living room. She swings and sings on it all the time. She likes to twist around." - Ellen R.
They use them for fun, for relaxation and for calming down
"It suits my four-year-old better size-wise. My nine yr old struggles get comfortable but once she does she loves it.
They use them for fun, for relaxation and for calming down when feeling stressed. They are strong and we are happy with our purchase." - Victoria M.
Absolutely loves his swing
"My son (ASD, SPD, ADHD) absolutely loves his swing. He spends most of his free time in it whether he's on his tablet or reading or just relaxing. This is such a great product. " - Denise D.
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